Bill O'Leary's Skin Cancer Story

That small red patch on the top of my nose is a skin cancer. To be specific, it is a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC). I earned it, as I'm from Queensland, Australia, and spent much of my childhood in the sun. Then I moved to Phuket, Thailand, and have been working in the tourist yachting industry for 23 years. Lots more sun, of course. I wasn't concerned, but my wife, Carolyn, and sister-in-law, Catherine, were really worried. so I finally got a biopsy, and was given the above diagnosis.

The Thai doctor, and my surgeon friend in Australia recommend either wide excision surgery (taking off a 4mm margin around the lesion and skin-grafting some of my neck or earlobe there), or Mohs micrographic procedure, (where they screen the flesh cuts as they go, until the lab says it's all clear of the cancer). Then they sew you up. Phew...  I asked every  doctor I knew if there were any other choices, but they all assured me this was the only safe option.  BUGGER! Then I remembered a health book a friend gave me, written by a former Hollywood actress Elaine Hollingsworth (stage name Sara Shane), who starred opposite some big stars, such as Clark Gable.  Years later, she made a big-time change, and  became Director of Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia.  Then, luckily for me, she wrote a best-seller called TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND ESCAPE THE SICKNESS INDUSTRY.   At this stage, that's exactly what I wanted to do - take control of my health and escape a surgical procedure that swaps my nose for one of my earlobes!

So, I read through Elaine's book again, looking up skin cancer, hoping to find a miracle. I found it.  But first I discovered lots of scary stuff about 3M's topical cream, Aldara, which they are pushing hard for skin cancer. It nearly killed her, and countless others.   In fact, it is so dangerous that Elaine has devoted  years to exposing 3M in a full length movie about this dangerous drug.  Then I got the good news:  Elaine highly recommends a safe skin cancer cure, and she explains how it is used in her movie, ONE ANSWER TO CANCER.  It's called "Black Salve".

"Black Salve"?  Never heard of it. It sounds weird.  Elaine explains that it's a herbal paste that kills only the cancer cells and leaves the rest. That's exactly what I wanted to do.   So I went to the Internet, and found heaps of info about it.    More has been written about Black Salve than Mohs or Wide Excision surgery or other mainstream medical BCC treatments.

I was intrigued by hundreds of  testimonials for Cansema, or Black Salve.   Look it up -- you will discover that people are saying they've been cured of BCC, SCC and even Melanoma. And, they've got compelling stories and images that seem to substantiate their claims.  The only negatives I found were on an angry site called "Quackwatch."  It's written by Dr. Steven Barrett, who bad-mouths Black Salve and Cansema, as well as most natural cures.  Barrett has been thoroughly discredited, and forced by American Courts to stop his character assasination on the Internet.  

My long-time good mate, Dr. Stephen Markey,  from Australia's Gold Coast,  said the nose is a bad place for a BCC.   He said that because the nose is so porous, the cancer can spread and hide inside sweat pores, outside of the Mohs procedure range. He suggested I "bite the bullet" and have wide excision surgery here in Thailand, just to be safe.   Mohs surgery is considered the medical best bet, but what if it misses a bit outside the cut area? 

I don't want to have the end of my nose taken off and my earlobe attached there.   Bugger -- my ear lobes are hairy, and I could end up with a hairy nose, so

Black Salve kept coming into my mind.   If it works, I'll at least see where the cancer was, and it has obvious advantages for someone with a nasty BCC growing right on the tip of the nose.  If it doesn't work - I can go to the surgeon's knife.  The Black Salve users who have posted  pictures on the net showing exactly how it worked for them encouraged me, so I decided to try it. 

First, you need to know that Black Salve is a soft, black paste that contains several compounds, among them Zinc Chloride, Bloodroot and Galangal, and is applied directly to skin cancers. It can  be made at home. Elaine demonstrates how to make it in her movie, which is great.  But that's the problem:  Big Pharma can't control nor patent it, so there isn't any money in it for them, or for dermatologists.  Far better to discredit it and make us fear it.   

Once this mixture is applied to the tumour, it permeates the skin and cell membranes, but only singles out and kills the cancer cells.  Then, the body's immune system goes about detaching the eschar (or the dead cancer flesh ) from the good flesh. This all happens over a 7-14 day period, then the eschar falls off, roots and all, leaving a clean ulcer divot under it.   Black Salve does not attack the good flesh - it makes it burn a bit but doesn't hurt it. It destroys only the cancer cells, as hundreds of successful users and naturopaths attest.   This is what happened to me,  and I hope it will help others who are grappling with this problem. 

Today is August 3rd, 2009, and I'm waiting for the Black Salve to arrive. I've ordered a jar from Bevan Potter, at Centreforce in Australia.  Elaine Hollingsworth doesn't sell the Black Salve.  She recommends Bevan in her book and also on her website, and says she trusts him.  I figure that if it's good enough for a Hollywood actress who looks as good as she does at her age, it's good enough for me.  So here goes. I'll try to keep this article fresh throughout the process.

The red spot on the tip of my nose is the BCC.   I've now  put a bandaid on the cancer because it's been leaking blood.  I'm scared, not couragous.  Still thinking I must be an idiot to be trying an "alternative" product so agressively debunked by "Quackwatch" and the mainstream medical fraternity.  And where am I using it? Oh, nowhere important - just on the end of my nose... Someone, put me in the psych ward!

AUGUST 4, 2009:  It's arrived, and I'm going to bite the bullet. ..If it burns my nose right off, I'll just have to accept it; knowing I'd have lost it anyway if I'd chosen surgery. My family will be so ashamed of me if this all goes terribly wrong.  My old man, the famous Aussie Flying Doctor, Tim O'Leary, had 2 things to say about luck. He reckoned you make your own and that it always favours the brave. Thanks, Dad.

I take a long shower, scrub the last of the Basal Cell Carcinoma scab away, and get down on my knees to say the Serenity Prayer...The one asking God for the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference... I'm not religious; never liked the word God. But I'm not an athiest either. I do believe in something outside of myself, a Higher Power of sorts, that has always taken care of me. This Higher Power is simple and powerful, manifested in all the energy and abundance I have always felt around me, especially in nature. I need all the help I can get.

Here are a few more digital photos, so that if my experience (good or bad) can help anyone else with a BCC, or any other skin cancer,  my journey (and webpage article) will not have been a waste of time.

My nose - the way it's been for 48 years - shit, anything could happen - so I say goodbye to it, and out comes the Centreforce Black Salve.  It comes with clear and precise directions for its use and I intend to follow them exactly. 

I put on a big dollop.   

Good looking stuff, this Black Salve I got from Bevan Potter in Gin Gin, but  it stings like a cigarette burn to the end of my nose. My eyes water and I have an uncontrollable desire to get it all off my skin. I must be mad.  I grab a couple of Panadol 500mgs and throw them down. My whole nose starts to throb in time with my heart, a kind of stinging, needling throb.  I go back to the instructions.  Relax.  It must be working.  Just need to keep this black paste on for the next 24 hours.  That means I can take it off at lunch time tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted. 

AUGUST 5, 2009:   The next morning there is lots of pain and my nose is throbbing.  Only  managed to get 3 hours sleep last night, after taking some more pain killers.   Small wonder it hurts -- I'm burning a chunk of flesh out of my face...    I add a top-up of Black Salve on a bigger area, just to make sure I got the whole thing in one go. No burning, and  it looks as if  I'm not going to lose my entire nose like that unfortunate bird on the 'Quackwatch' site. That's most reassuring. 

AUGUST 6, 2009:  (24 hours later)  Not much sleep last night, with that big black cone on my nose. I had to put a bandaid on it because it was bleeding on the pillowcase.   I take a shower and slowly soak away the Black Salve and see what has happened to the BCC in the process.  Check this picture out...Well, I reckon it's a simply amazing result. 

It only went after the cancer cells and left the rest.  As you can see, it's a well-defined tumour, with some smaller isolated burns outside the main one. Awesome.

Check out the few isolated pores that were also cancerous. It would have been impossible to get all of this out with wide excision, and maybe could have been missed by surgeons doing the Mohs procedure. What's important is that the main cancer tumour is dead now.   The next step is for my  immune system to recognise the eschar as a foreign body and eject it.   I've put a circular bandaid on it, and it looks okay from a distance, but it throbs as if  someone has punched me repeatedly in the nose.  

AUGUST 6, 2009:  Check the grin.  I'm a long way from being cured, but now I have hope.  Lots of pain, as my immune system rushes to help eject the eschar.  There is still localised redness and swelling, and it's tender to the touch. 

Outside the main dead cancer, there are some pores with cancer that were detected by the Black Salve. It's worth repeating --   had I been cut up, they might not have found those isolated cancers, and they would have grown, undetected, until  more surgery was necessary.   Also, on my left cheek close to my nose, a bit of Black Salve touched a raised freckle, and the freckle reacted to the speck --  another cancer that hadn't been detected by the doctors. 

Naturopaths have been saying for years that it is not necessary to have a biopsy -- just put on a bit of Black Salve, and it will tell you if the suspicious mark is cancerous or benign.   It is reassuring to have it confirmed, and as soon as my nose heals, I'm going to have to blast that bugger too - and the rest of them. One at a time.

Notice the small blackhead-looking raised pimple that was also affected by the Black Salve. This is the cancer spot I mentioned that would have surely been missed with wide excision or Mohs.   It's still painful, throbbing in time with my heart, as my system works to eject the eschar and heal itself.  Contacted Bevan Potter by email yesterday.  He helps skin cancer sufferers by making Black Salve for Dogs, Cats and Horses.   (Most governments have banned it for humans.) Woof.  Meow. Whinney.

What a lucky break to have found Elaine's book and Bevan Potter, just before I was due for wide excision surgery in Bangkok next week.  I hate testimonials, but  for anyone concerned about skin cancer, I recommend  Black Salve.  If there is no cancer, nothing happens - if there is, you cure it safely.   I'm still blown out by my own unfolding story - and it's true.  I was 100% diagnosed correctly with a lab biopsy of Basal Cell Carcinoma. The tumour is now dead (I hope) on my nose and so far so good.

Less AUGUST 8, 2009:  Less swelling and redness, and the eschar is hardening.
AUGUST 9, 2009:  It's still sore, but heaps better than yesterday, and I can feel the hard eschar now.   It's about 1cm under the surface, and the size of a pencil eraser. 

Looking and feeling much better. 

Back to front - photo into the mirror.  Was on the phone to Bevan in Queensland today and had an email from Elaine H, as well. They tell me I'm on the right track with my Black Salve treatment and wish me well.  I'm very blessed to have these two people come into my life to help me with this problem.

Shared the Black Salve with 3 friends. Simon, who had a spider-vein-looking thing on his cheek, asked to try it.  So we dolloped some on and whacked a bandaid on it. Steve had a mole-wart-looking thing on his inner thigh, so we did the same there.  And Rock had an odd-looking freckle on his forehead. Steve and Rock had no reaction at all when they washed it off.   But  Simon's face burnt all night, and now he's got a dead cancer on his cheek.  Here's a picture of Simon's reaction to a bit of Black Salve on a skin irritation on his cheek.

Click Here for Simon's complete story

AUGUST 10, 2009:  Feeling much better today.  It seems to respond better if I keep it dry. Less discharge. But I'll keep it a bit moist tomorrow since Bevan tells me to keep the scab on as long as I can to save the new skin underneath. It's itchy like hell, which is also a good sign. Thank God for Black Salve!  Quackwatch are wrong - so very wrong. 

AUGUST 11, 2009:   I woke to find the eschar had fallen out.  Open sesame!  A trapdoor. Whooaa!  It's a much smaller crater than I thought it would be. It definitely feels like all the cancer is dead and gone. I'm over the moon with gratitude and joy. 

Here's the eschar against a Thai Baht coin and a Q-Tip. That thing came out of my nose? Amazing stuff.  

And for the Aussies - the eschar and a 20-cent coin. Looks like a mullet's eyeball.  Amazing eh? A lump of dead cancer from the tip of my nose.

Get a load of the crater in the end of my nose.   But still far less flesh taken this way than by Mohs or Wide Excision. I'm blown out in every way by this "underground" skin cancer removal process.  Can anyone please tell me why this simple, effective procedure is not an intergral part of mainstream medical practices for skin cancer?  Especially since Dr. Mohs himself used Escharotics in his skin cancer surgery, to locate, burn and mark exactly where he should cut, to make sure he got the lot!  Why is there no mention or modern day use of this safe way to diagnose, locate and cure skin cancers?  

AUGUST 12, 2009:  Wow, it's healing at a miracle rate - it's already begun to fill in. 

AUGUST 13, 2009:  Amazing - you can hardly notice it anymore. 

It's healing very well, with the sides coming in to fill the divet nicely. This second scab is hard and pea-like.  I'm keeping it dry by dabbing on hydrogen peroxide. I'll upload more photos when I  lose the scab.  

AUGUST 24, 2009:  The smaller scab came out this morning, and the end of my nose has grown back by itself.  No need for plastic surgery. And they wanted to take a wide excision, removing  entire tip of my nose,  to just above the nostril holes!

Side view - filled in nicely eh? Saved my nose and 20 grand in the process. 

From the top - hardly notice it at all. 

31st August

SEPTEMBER 9, 2009:   Now, it's only the size of a belt notch - hardly noticable against the rest of my face, which looks like a busted crab anyway. Adds character eh?

My good friend Patrick had a BCC taken from his nose with Moh's Surgery. Unsure whether they'd got the lot, he tried my Black Salve on the area and also on a troubling spot on his chest


SEPTEMBER 10, 2009:  This webpage is now finished.   It's an account of my dealing with an invasive pathology-proved Basal Cell Carcinoma on the tip of my nose during the month of August, 2009.   This is not the end of my story.  I'll continue to use my stash of  Black Salve on any and all suspected skin cancers and I'll visit skin cancer specialists and have follow-up biopsies if and when symptoms dictate. If there is more cancer on my nose or anywhere else I'll make educated decisions concerning each lesion at that time.  I'm not against mainstream medicine nor alternative natural treatments,  I'm against ignorance and condemnation prior to investigation, on both sides.

I have absolutely no commercial interest in any product or person mentioned in this article.  My only motive for posting this story is to help confused skin cancer victims make educated decisions when choosing treatment options.  Special thanks to my version of a Higher Energy or Higher Power, or my latest non-religious acronym for the concept of G.O.D. (the Great Out Doors), my wife, family and friends;  Elaine Hollingsworth for her strength and courage to write her wonderfully venomous book (and rightly so) TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND ESCAPE THE SICKNESS INDUSTRY; and Bevan Potter from Centreforce, Australia.

Elaine's book told me about Bevan Potter's Black Salve for Dogs Cats and Horses. I believed they were telling the truth and they were.  To Elaine and Bevan - God Bless you both and thank you, thank you, thank you. You gave me hope and saved my nose.

I will always be involved in deciding exactly what treatment I will allow on my body. The less invasive the better. Being the son of a doctor, I used to scoff at alternative remedies.  This experience has taught me a lesson and made me much more willing to try alternative treatments, especially if they're less invasive, and cheaper.  I must continue to do all I can to remain well educated and assertive, so I can control my own health.

I urge you to do the same. Blind trust in our current health system is expensive, naive, and dangerous.    I'm happy for this webpage to be passed around to promote awareness of alternative skin cancer treatments, Black Salve, Elaine Hollingsworth's projects, Bevan Potter and Centreforce Australia.

APRIL, 2010, eight months after starting Black Salve therapy.

Best wishes to all,


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